Beautiful Soul – Lets Take A Stand


You, my friend, are a beautiful soul. You need approval from no one. You can be confident, strong, and beautiful without someone telling you. Why is it that most of us feel we need someone to tell us this to actually feel this way?

The truth is we do not. We are all so different, so what really defines beauty? We are all different shapes and sizes. We all have different minds and personalities, so how is it that we base our beauty solely on our looks. Things really need to change around the world for our children’s sake. Lets take a stand!

Our mentality on the “beauty” and “perfect” has been molded by society and advertising. We, as parents, allow this to continue. Before you get upset and tell me I am wrong take a second to hear me out.

When you turn on your TV, open a magazine, or even a book what do you see? Women and men that are not proportionate, they are photo shopped, and glorified. Can you tell me exactly what purpose this serves? None and we need to make a stand.

Why do advertisers do this? It is what attracts us to purchase, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We decide. We need to ask for change or the world will stay the same. Our daughters will grow up thinking they need a small waist, a thigh gap, and large breasts. Our sons will think that is what they need to find in a women. What is wrong with the bodies we were born in? Nothing! We are perfect as we are. We need no surgery. All we need is a beautiful soul.

When you pass on no one is going to remember how skinny you were or how big your thigh gap was. They will remember your beautiful sole. The person inside of the body. Whether or not you were a good person. Let’s take the focus off our bodies and put it onto our minds.

Take a stand! Lets let advertising companies know we will still buy their products if there not sexualized. Let’s let them know that if they still feel the need to sexualize to promote their products that it needs to be done after the hours of 10pm like it used to be. Lets let them know that there Victoria Secret and Viagra pill commercials should not be broadcast during the hours our children can view them as well.

Lets get the word out that we want change! Please take a second to share. I challenge you to take a photo of yourself and post it to your timeline using the hashtags #IHaveABeautifulSole #AskingForChange and tell us what makes you beautiful! It is your willingness to help others or the positive energy you radiate to others just to give a few examples. Challenge 5 of your friends to do the same by tagging them in the post. Let’s tell those corporations we don’t need them photo shopping away peoples beautiful bodies. We are beautiful the way we are! It is that simple. End of story.

#IHaveABeautifulSoul #AskingForChange



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