My Biggest Struggle – Myself


As a women (not sure if men struggle with this as well) I know that each and everyday my body image is a struggle. Not because I care what anyone else thinks of me because I certainly don’t. It is because of how I feel and what In my mind I think I see. Now it took me a long, and I mean long, time to realize that it was all in my head. I had to learn to love my body and yet to this day I still struggle with my body image on occasion. Let me take you on a little journey and share with you how I learned to love my body no matter what and how you can too!

It all started in middle school! I struggled with anorexia and bulimia. I look back now and think what the h#!* was I thinking, but then – it made sense!  I wanted to fit in, I wanted to be thin, and I thought this is how I can do it and still enjoy food. It all made so much sense until one day I confided in a friend and she too started throwing up things she ate. I felt responsible and stopped immediately and just went on with the struggle. I realized that it was probably the worst way to reach my goal of being thin and beautiful.  Continue reading